A Tale of Two Cities: The Wedding of Riana and Jesús

May 21st, 2018

Hi there! It's David, your neighbor and international photographer. I'm here again to share an exciting experience I had while covering the beautiful wedding ceremony of Riana and Jesús. This love story unfolded in two breathtaking locations, Dallas and Napa Valley, and I was lucky enough to be a part of their journey.


The wedding ceremony took place in the heart of Dallas, at The Dallas Arboreteum , surrounded by an intimate gathering of their loved ones. As Riana and Jesús exchanged their vows, the air was filled with love and joy. The whole setting was heartwarming, to say the least, and I was there, capturing each precious moment.


Now, moving on to the grand celebration in Napa Valley. I must say, this was a memorable affair! The reception was hosted in the lush vineyards of Charles Krug Winery.. The stunning decor, the delicious food, the lively music, and of course the great wines - everything was nothing short of perfect. The ambiance was so vibrant and full of life that you could feel the happiness in the air.


As I moved among the guests, clicking away, I felt connected to Riana and Jesús's story. I was part of their special day, capturing the magic as they started their journey together. The joy that I felt while photographing their celebration is hard to put into words. But this is why I love what I do. I get to be there in the most special moments of people's lives, connecting with them and turning their experiences into beautiful, lasting memories.


In my featured stories in Instagram, you can see a bit more of this wonderful event. Each photo tells a unique part of Riana and Jesús's love story, from their heartfelt vows in Dallas to their grand celebration in Napa. It was such a joy to be their photographer, helping them cherish these incredible memories for a lifetime.


So here's to Riana and Jesús, and to all the magical moments I was lucky enough to capture. If you're planning your wedding and looking for a photographer who will connect with you on a deeper level and capture your special day in a way that's unique to you, I'm your guy. Let's create some incredible memories together!

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